How To Synchronize Subtitles With The Film

Earlier i've share how to find subtitles, didn't i? now let's move to the next level. I got several film that it's subtitles didn't match. yeah, i sucks..! So, how to fix it? I found myself crawling for the answers. I got diferent ways, method, and software, but i found 1 simple way for it.

First thing you have to do is to download subtitle workshop the best part is this is a freeware :D ..and what's next? install it in your computer of course..


Now, there's several ways to use it. but i prefer , method 1: simple adjust, first and last dialogs!

Click "File" --> "Load Subtitles"


Choose the subtitles that you want to get fixed ( beforehand you must make sure that you have match the subtitles's name with its video )



Now take a good look, the video and the subtitles have been loaded. listen carefully where the first dialog is spoken ( sound ) mark the timing. then fast forward to the end of the film, again, listen carefuly..this time mark the timing where the last dialog is spoken. write it down in your note.



Then click "Edit" --> "Timings" --> "Adjust" --> "Adjust Subtitle"



And you'll find a window open. You do not forget to take note of the timing don't you? now it's the time.. fill it the "First spoken line" and "Last spoken line". click "Adjust".. done..! ^^. don't forget to click "File" tab and click "Save". now enjoy your film :D

If there's any question, pls have a word in comments section. i'll help the best i can ^_^

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1 April 2009 20.18

Let me recommend you a site for those who may not want or can download a desktop app.
It's called SubtitleSync and you can search, syncronize, convert, split and merge subs.


5 Juni 2009 04.29

Find Easy Subtitles Synchronizer here:

Easy Subtitles Synchronizer (ESS) is a tool that creates repairs and synchronizes your subtitles easily. It is designed for people without background to subtitles creation and synchronization. For this reason provides only the necessary tools for subtitles creation and synchronization that a common user needs.


8 Juni 2009 00.19

If you want to download the Easy Subtitles Synchronizer from it’s site, without using torrent, please follow the url:


20 Oktober 2010 10.42

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