Windows can't open files with file extension ICA?

What's is file extension ICA? somekind of cute girls name? nonono.. :D it's a file extension that's being used to open certain program in our computer. Like when we want to play a video with *.rmvb extension, we should have appropriate media player ( with the right codec of course ) so that we could play and enjoy the movie.

Here's the more detailed explanation :

Files with the .ica file extension can be one of three different file types: an Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics file, a Citrix Independent Computer Architecture file, or an Identity Compass Answers file. Of the three, the Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics file is the most common. The IOCA graphics format was developed by IBM as part of a larger project to incorporate multiple text and graphic elements in a single compound document. The IBM architecture is called MO:DCA (Mixed Object:Document Content Architecture).

Do you have that *.ICA file(s) in your computer? but can't open it? all you need to do is to download the appropirate program. Download the program for free : File Extension ICA

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