Party Time's Over..!Pretty Woman is On Her Way here

It's 2009! My friends at D3 Humas UI '06 and FHUI '05 are nearing the end of their study time. The time when they have to face the "real world". They can't be wearing those jeans anymore , especially the ladies,if they want to go to work don't they?

A casual but formal clothes must be their choice.


Remember Pretty Woman film? There's a scene when Vivian ( Julia Roberts ) was treated like a queen .Every woman will love to get the same oppurtunity i guess ^_^.

No! I didn't talk about those dress, i mean Vivian got the the chance to get the right dress for her. SO why can't we can get the right stuff for our own?

Some of them maybe got the luck to get some fashion advisor, but hey!don't give up if you don't have one! wasn't me you looking for, it's the internet!


I'll make it easy for you. Here's some tips i found just for you ^_^ :

Business casual may just be one of the trickiest phrases every invented. Most people have a hard time deciphering exactly what this means, and how then to appropriately dress in the office. When picking out casual work clothes, you want to be stylish and polished, yet comfortable and relaxed.

* Check with HR: Keep in mind that "business casual" means different things to different companies. Ask your human resources department if they can provide some guidelines.
* Get serious: Before you go casual, check your daily planner to make sure you will not have any business meetings that day. Meetings should always be more formal.
* Minimal make-up: Keep your make-up light. Let your natural beauty shine through.
* Too sexy: Wearing see-through sheers and lace, miniskirts, and stiletto sandals, and spaghetti straps is normally a BIG no-no at the workplace.
* Too casual: Shorts, t-shirts, hats, and trainers typically make an outfit TOO casual, and thus are not appropriate for work.
* Too sloppy: Anything wrinkled, baggy, or worn in too many layers can make you look much less professional, and therefore not taken seriously.
* Mix and match: You don't need to break the bank. Have separates that can easily be mixed and matched together and will go from work to weekend.

I guess if Vivian didn't get the luck to meet Edward Lewis ( Richard Gere ) She'll browsing the web and ended up here :p .

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