New Class, New Me

It's been a boring long vacation. Since i'm broke, i spent most of my time online without doing anything worthed. But soon the sorrow will vanish. It's only two weeks before the new class started! And i've been given some money by mom for buying some accessories to refresh myself, not much, but i think it's enough for me.

I'm thinking to buy perfume, not the branded one of course. But enough to make myself a little adorable, or at least, so peple arround me won't sense if i'm not taking a bath, lol. I'm also thinking for buying a hat. Last time i have a hat is abut 3 years ago, and i guess i miss wearing something on my head other than my helmet.

So many choices out there, even with the price within my range. I'll look for some guide for buying accessories in this big fat web world. Who know's maybe i can get some great offer, low pirce without have to sacrifice the quality.

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